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KIEV STREET THEATRE KET (former Kiev Experimental Theatre)


The Kiev Experimantal Theatre was founded in 1993 by a professional group of actors in the Kiev Youth Theatre.
In independent Ukraine the first collective, which was engaged in street theatre, became group of the actors of the Kyiv Youth theatre (Kyiv academic Young theatre at preent time)). Later actors were separated, having created Experimental theatre. The director Valeriy Bilchenko supervised; he has finished an actor-director's rate of the Russian academy of theatrical art, headed by the outstanding Russian director Anatoliy Vasiliev.
After several years without a normal premise, the Kiev Experimental theatre was placed in territory of Kyiv Mohyla academy with auditorium approximately on 50 places.The first performances were spent in a premise: “Archaeology”, “And sad B” of A. Shipenko, “Shot in autumn garden” of A. Chekhov.  Valeriy Bilchenko has received “Kyiv Pectoral” for best direction for “And sad B”, by the best performances of Kyiv admitted “And sad B”, “Shot in autumn garden”.
Except for the numerous Ukrainian awards, the Experimental theatre went on tour on Europe, receiving the awards and on the international festivals.
Since 1994 the theatre is engaged in producing Street Theatre. The productions that have particularly stuck in audiece mind: The Dreams or Carnival" and “Between Heaven and Earth” . These are powerful outdoor performances. They have been performed at international festivals in Byelorussia, Denmark, Germany, Tunisia, Slovakia and Poland.

Theatre KET  is producing and working under the kind protection  and add of famous the Kiev Academic Molody Theatre.